Less than 15 minutes away from
the ancient town of Cortona,
which is situated in the triangle
of the beautiful Firenze Siena &
Perugia cities, lay a virgin valley
“Val Di Pierle”. Once you lift your
head up while standing in the
valley you see a splendid forest
mountain, on which some isolated
old farmhouses can be seen -
Case Amici.

These newly-restored stone
farmhouses are surrounded by
3-7 acres of vineyards, olives
groves, fruit and forest trees,
overlooking the breathtaking
panorama of valley and

The interior design takes into
consideration the countryside
location of the estate, by using:
old wooden beams, floor tiles
made of “washed” stone, antique
“tone sur tone” roof tiles, bread &
pizza ovens, etc.,
resulting a cozy and intimate
atmosphere without neglecting
today's modern comfort.
Case Amici may serve your desire
for privacy and tranquility, as well
as taking a walk or horse-ride in
the magnificent nature that
surrounds you.

At the same time, you are just 5
minutes away from your nearest
”cappuccino” bar, and 15 minutes
away from the well known center
of culture, art and history of Italy.
At a close reach you may also find
variety of festivals, musical
events, antique markets,
“tratoria”'s with its delicious local
food, wines & more.